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Traditional Crafts

Fishing Nets: Make and Mend

Course Overview

The North Shore once boasted a commercial fisherman for every mile of shoreline. But the work didn’t end when the boats returned with their catch; fishermen also had to tie and repair their own nets. Get "caught up" in one of the elemental crafts of the area by learning the skills necessary to make a variety of traditional-style nets and netting a project of your own design to take home. On the first day, students will make netting tools and learn different ways to begin a net, how to increase and decrease to shape a net, and how to repair rips and holes on a practice piece. On the second day, students will create their own project such as a netted bag or storage hammock. And students are encouraged to bring their own nets, for whitefishing or other uses, to repair in class with instructor guidance. Please note that this class will cover only netting skills, not attaching floats and weights. Because the types and uses of nets are so varied, students will go home from this class with a completed sample as well as the knowledge necessary to design a custom fishing net for any catch.

Currently Scheduled Sessions

No sessions currently scheduled for this course.

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