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Woodworking & Furniturecraft

Making Wooden-Bodied Hand Planes - 9/14/2018

Course Overview

A wooden-bodied hand plane, properly tuned, epitomizes the harmonious connection between a woodworker and their tools. In this course we will begin with pre-milled and fully prepared stock, and follow a proven pattern to produce one of several different examples  (a smoothing, scrub, or hollowing plane are each possible options). The second day of class will begin by creating the blade- cutting, grinding, and heat-treating a customized tool steel “iron”, as well as learning the techniques for giving it a beautifully sharpened edge. The final part of the experience involves “tuning” the plane—making adjustments to the mouth to perfect the cut as well as the shape to improve the feel of the plane in your hands.

Currently Scheduled Sessions

No sessions currently scheduled for this course.