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Making Wooden Rims and Handles for Baskets

Course Overview

Rims and handles add functionality and structural stability to a basket.  Basket handles are typically made from wood.  Many modern basketmakers use either heavy splint or half-round reed for basket rims. These rim materials work reasonably well and are easy to bend to the rim shape desired.  However, they lack the elegance and artistic flexibility of prepared wood rims.  Wooden rims and handles add exceptional strength and beauty to any basket.  The problem with using wood, especially dry wood, is that wood is difficult to bend.  This class will address the selection of appropriate wood for bending, demonstrate the preparation of wooden rims and handles, and show the process of bending those prepared items into the desired shape for use.

Basket Week 2018: Registration in this session of this course includes participation in a day of demonstrations, talks and other activities on Friday, August 31 as part of Basket Week for no additional tuition cost. More information will be provided in mid-summer. Please plan to participate!

Currently Scheduled Sessions

No sessions currently scheduled for this course.

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