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Clothing & Jewelry

Nature's Insulator: Sew Your Own Wool Blanket Shirt

Course Overview

Tired of synthetic "fluff"? Clad your torso with the miracle fiber: wool. Learn the history of wool, why it works, and how to maximize its performance as clothing with outdoorwear designed by Kevin Kinney, owner of Empire Canvas Wear of Duluth. In this class you will learn the basics of patternmaking and construction as we lay the foundation for a lifelong skill. To craft a Wool Blanket Shirt, we’ll enjoy a history lesson on the uses of this type of wool insulating shirt. We’ll start with thick, fulled woolen blanket and walk through the sequence for measuring and cutting flat textile to fit the human form. Next we will cut panels for a warm tunic that’s the cornerstone of a great winter wardrobe. Savor the joy of stitching by hand or by machine. We’ll build our shirts panel by panel. You’ll learn how to transfer your new skills to the construction of any sewn article. Embellish your creation with antler or stone buttons and leather trim. You'll leave this course with a sound knowledge of garment crafting and a cozy shirt for the winter.

Currently Scheduled Sessions

No sessions currently scheduled for this course.

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