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Fiber Art

Net Making: The Carrying Sack

Course Overview

Nets aren’t just for catching fish! In this class you will learn an ancient technique to make a netted sack for everyday use. To make a net, you only need to learn to tie one knot. The craft of net making has remained unchanged for thousands of years, a universal skill from ancient Egyptians to Scandinavians to Native Americans. This medium allows for so much creativity that you can make anything you imagine—a hammock, a fish net, abstract art. In this beginner course you will make a netted sack. The dimensions are up to you—from small for hanging fruit in the kitchen to large enough for groceries, laundry, or kids’ toys. The beauty of netted items is how ultralight and compact they are. You will go home with your completed sack, your own net making tools, and the knowledge you need to make your own netted projects at home.

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