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Northern Playhouse or Garden Shed: Build Your Own, Family Session

Course Overview

Learning a new craft often involves starting with a small project to learn and practice skills before hitting the big time with a full scale project.The same is true for home construction! Build a practice house in this five-day introduction to stick frame construction. By building a charming play house or garden shed using inexpensive materials, students will learn the basic carpentry skills required for building a house of any size. Students will learn to lay out the floor, walls, and roof for a manageable 4x8 design with a porch. The finished playhouse will include a metal roof, handmade door, window and all needed hardware. It will weigh 600-700 pounds and can be loaded onto a trailer or in some truck beds to head off for adventures in your own backyard. Instructor Andy Keith notes, “When my daughter was young she and I built a playhouse from a pile of leftover lumber I had sitting around the yard. Eventually, she outgrew her little playhouse but her grandparents decided to convert it into their garden shed. Thirty years later that small little structure still stands the testament of love and time, full of memories and shovels and rakes.” 

This session makes a great project for adult-child teams or families and welcomes students ages 9+ to work with an adult or two to build not just a playhouse but memories that will last a lifetime! Recommended group size is no more than two adults and two children per project. Note, individual builders are still welcome to sign up to build a project solo.

Currently Scheduled Sessions

No sessions currently scheduled for this course.

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