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Pork Butchery for Home Use: Nose to Tail

Course Overview

Ever wanted to go whole hog? In this class, we will learn and discuss the anatomy, cuts, and corresponding cooking methods of pigs. We will then use this knowledge to break down a pig together as a class using the traditional American style of butchering, which notably includes boston butt, picnic butt, ham, side, jowl, blade steak, etc. Throughout this process we will continue our discussions and sample various simple preparations. Day 3 will be spent on any remaining butchering tasks, before the class works together to prepare our cuts for an early dinner. We'll enjoy a sumptuous meal we create as a class that you can re-create at home, honoring the pig by eating every last bit, nose to tail. Students will go home with pork cuts and sample preparations.

Currently Scheduled Sessions

No sessions currently scheduled for this course.

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