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Fiber Art

Repp Bands on the Rigid Heddle: Carve and Weave

Course Overview

Learn woodcarving and weaving in one place! Students will begin by using a slöjd knife to carve a small heddle, even venturing into detail work by adding small faces as time and skill allows. On day two, students will explore the history of repp bands and patterns while also getting to design and weave their own bands. We are excited to welcome featured guest and well-known Swedish textile artist Kerstin Neumüller to teach this unique course, in which students will take home a new tool and new knowledge to continue their craft practice. Students ages 16 and up are welcome to attend. 


Required Tools

  • Everything needed will be provided by the instructor and shipped from Sweden.

Optional Tools

  • Please make sure you bring your reading glasses as weaving can be quite fiddly. 

Currently Scheduled Sessions

No sessions currently scheduled for this course.

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