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Rosemaling: Agder Online Course

Course Overview

In this class, students will explore the Agder designs of southern Norway. You will discuss style differences between the regions of Vest Agder, Setesdal, and Aust Agder and then complete a project of your own designed by the instructor. This course is best for an advanced beginner and up, basic rosemaling knowledge or painting skills are needed. 

Instructor-created designs will be sent by mail until 2 weeks before class starts. After that any new registrant will receive the designs by email. 

THIS COURSE WILL BE TAUGHT IN OILS. If you wish to use acrylics you are welcome to attend but the course will focus on painting in oils.

Required Tools

Please bring these materials to class

  • Small jar with lid

  • Paper towel

  • Paper and Pencil for taking notes

  • Painting medium such as walnut alkyd medium or refined boiled linseed oil

  • Paint thinner/brush cleaner

  • Other painting tools you use

Oil Paint

  • Venetian or English Red

  • Terre Verte (green earth)

  • Yellow Ochre

  • Raw Sienna

  • Burnt Sienna

  • Raw Umber

  • Burnt Umber 

  • Titanium White or Unbleached Titanium White

  • Cadmium Red Light

  • Mars Black


Good brushes are important. Good brands include Princeton Velvet Touch or Heritage.  Dick Blick also has a good brand called Masterstroke Golden Taklon. They are available online. See note from the instructor below for online companies. 

  • # 2, & #4 Filberts, #6 filbert optional

  • #1 or #2 script or mid liners


The project is designed for a 12-inch plate with an 8 inch center.  There is an inner and outer bead around the border. Anything with room for an 8-inch design will work. The design on the border can be adjusted to fit just about anything. 

Plates can be ordered from (order right away) or Vesterheim Museum store has a good variety of plates as well.

Online art supply companies include , , , Amazon has art supplies as well but not all in one place.

Currently Scheduled Sessions

No sessions currently scheduled for this course.

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