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Salumi: Traditional Dry Curing Methods

Course Overview

Historically a home­based craft and staple of diets and life the world over pre­twentieth century, cured meats and fish have sustained humans and cultures for generations. In this class we will reacquaint ourselves with the traditional knowledge of meat preservation with recent scientific understanding threaded throughout. You will learn how to dry cure whole cuts of pork, using the Italian method of salumi, which differs from other methods of meat curing because it uses no smoke. Instead, whole cuts of meat are salt cured, providing a simple and relatively easy introduction to meat curing that can be applied to a variety of animals. On day one, we'll discuss the tradition and science of the process to develop our understanding. On day two, we will start with a side of pork to break down to whole cuts for curing. Dry curing, done with whole cuts, makes for a simple introduction to meat curing which can be applied to a variety of animals. On day three, we will start the cures using three main ingredients: salt, meat, and time. Your materials fee includes dry cured meats to take home as well as a shared celebratory community meal.

Currently Scheduled Sessions

No sessions currently scheduled for this course.

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