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Silveramics: Porcelain and Sterling Silver Jewelry

Course Overview

When clay meets stone and silver meets ceramic, “silveramics” is born. Merging David and Molly's media of clay and metal, respectively, this playful approach to jewelry making has been created by husband and wife team David Voorhees and Molly Sharp, long-time North House instructors. Students will work at their own pace with both materials to create unique jewelry pieces. Each day will be focused on a different technique in each medium. Using diamond encrusted drill bits, Molly will teach students to drill holes in ceramic, glass, and North Shore pebbles. She will also cover bezel setting, sawing, filing, forming, and soldering sterling silver. David will guide students working with fresh porcelain to make elements and embellishments in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and surfaces that will get fired quickly each night. Students will learn the clay techniques of forming, carving, sgraffito, nerikomi, burnishing, silver and gold lustre, and gold leaf treatments. Enjoy four days of play, design, and experimentation, resulting in beautiful and unique jewelry pieces. While no prior experience with clay is necessary, some soldering experience is helpful but not required. Students should have good eyesight or bring magnification.

Currently Scheduled Sessions

No sessions currently scheduled for this course.