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Fiber Art

Spinning Series: At the Wheel

Course Overview

Can't find the yarn you want? Have really great fiber that needs to be transformed into yarn? Just curious about how a wheel works? Spinning your own yarn is the answer. First invented in the late 15th century, the spinning wheel still is an efficient tool for creating yarn. Modern wheels may look different, but the spinning mechanism has not changed in these 500 years. In this one-day class we will concentrate on becoming friends with the wheel and training hands and mind to create the desired yarns for later projects. We will be using prepared roving provided by the instructor. There are wheels available if the student does not have access to one. Let the school know if you need a wheel for class. Each day of the Spinning Series is a stand-alone one-day course that will expose students of any level to a particular set of skills related to spinning. However, students are strongly encouraged to enroll in both days for the fullest possible introduction to this engaging craft.

Currently Scheduled Sessions

No sessions currently scheduled for this course.

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