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Clothing & Jewelry

The Unfinished Wardrobe: A Three-Day Sew Fest

Course Overview

Bring your own project and sew by the big lake with guidance and camaraderie. Do you have a sewing project that never quite got started or that needs some TLC to get it off the shelf and into your closet? Bring it to North House for our Sew Fest during Fiber Week 2022. Enjoy the company of others who love sewing, while making progress on your own project, and discovering a creative and cooperative approach to your sewing endeavors. Members of the class will set up a sewing studio together and enjoy sewing within the North House Folk School community. You will leave with progress made and a plan to finish your project, as well as inspiration from all the different projects in the group. Students should have some experience hand and machine sewing, and should be familiar with following basic sewing instructions. 

North House sewing instructor Carol Colburn can help you get your project jump-started, and will guide and coach you with suggestions tailored to your project and sewing level. We can cover what you need to know about topics that have you stumped: layout, cutting, marking, fitting, sewing techniques, construction steps, materials, tools, finishing techniques, and what it takes to make your project unique.

If you want to join in the fun for our Sew Fest 2022, but do not have a sewing project waiting in the wings, bring a pattern and fabric of your choice. If you have been in Carol’s sewing classes before and want to brush up on sewing comfortable Scandinavian Work Shirts, pullover Blanket Shirts, or handstitched North House Blanket Coats, bringing a project from those classes would be great. Feel free to email with Carol about the projects you plan to bring, or to discuss pattern size or style if you are starting a new project. Students should have some experience hand and machine sewing, and should be familiar with following basic sewing instructions. Plan to bring a sewing machine, sewing tool kit, and materials you need to work on your project. Students should feel comfortable with and know basic operations of their own sewing machine, or if necessary you can borrow a sewing machine from North House. Carol will have a stock of basic sewing tools on hand, and it is always fun to walk downtown Grand Marais to visit the sewing department at Joynes Ben Franklin for any extra sewing supplies you might find you need.

Required Tools

  • Sewing machine
  • Sewing tool kit
  • Materials you need to work on your project

Optional Tools

To brush up on garment sewing strategies, this small suggested sewing reference is available through the North House School Store: Elementary Sewing Skills by Carolyn N.K. Denham, published by Merchant & Mills, 2014

Currently Scheduled Sessions

No sessions currently scheduled for this course.

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