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Woodworking & Furniturecraft

Timbered Workbench: Early American Style

Course Overview

Have bench, will travel? Indeed, with this workbench you can do both! A fine workbench is an essential fixture in the home workshop. In this class, students will build a sturdy timbered workbench based on early American designs using simple and classic joinery that echoes timber framing techniques. Mortise and tenon joints of different sizes are used so the finished bench is held together with wedges and can easily be disassembled. The portable, knock-down features of this workbench make it a versatile addition to your workspace and easy to load to bring home. Dimensions: 38"H x 72"L x 30"W (with some variations possible). The bench is made using white pine timbers for the legs and top, and ash for the wedges. The bench's clean and classic lines may inspire some students to use it as a rustic dining room table—the resulting table is slightly shorter than the workbench. The top's rustic timbered character will speak for itself (table builders are asked to communicate their desires at registration). Options for finishing the bench/table ranging from natural oil to milk paint will be discussed. For workbench enthusiasts, options for vises and hold down clamps will be discussed.

Required Tools

I hesitate to require tools, but if you have tools bring them because it is beneficial to use the tools you are familiar with or in some cases learn to use the tools you own. If you don't own tools and plan to buy them, it is perhaps better to wait until after the class at North House in which we will discuss tools and the right tools to buy.

Optional Tools

  • Square
  • Drawknife
  • Block plane
  • Mortising chisels-wide and narrow
  • Electric drill
  • Safety glasses
  • Tape measure

Currently Scheduled Sessions

No sessions currently scheduled for this course.

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