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Turning of the Wheel: Elements, Energetics, Earth Cycles

Course Overview

The earth moves through seasons and cycles, as humans do. Yet, there are times when we humans can become disconnected. During each cyclical shift there is a predominant element with correlating energies, foods and botanical medicines. Reconnect with your true nature. Watch weather, observe the animals and plants. Learn which foods and herbs could be gathered, harvested, and prepared seasonally to live more closely in harmony with nature. Improve your state of balance, health and happiness. Each day in this course one or two elements are explored in depth, followed by heart-centered, handcrafted botanical medicines.

Explore elements and energetics of each season in-depth daily: Early to Mid-Winter: Mineral/Metal; Late Winter: Water; Early Spring: Wind; Late Spring: Wood; Summer: Fire; Autumn: Earth Element.

  • Acquire skills to assess imbalances in the human body each season
  • Explore foods most aligned with each seasonal shift for your health
  • Align with each element with natural lifestyle changes
  • Engage in creative handcrafted activities related to each element
  • Acquire wisdom about herbs indicated for each season and element
  • Participate in daily make-n-take botanical applications for personal health and wellness relevant to each season

Currently Scheduled Sessions

No sessions currently scheduled for this course.

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