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Viking Cooking: Everyday Foods

Course Overview

What do you pack to eat when you’re off to discover North America in an open boat on the high seas? Explore the everyday and travel foods of the 11th century Vikings in the unique course with Daniel Serra, an expert on the culinary traditions of the early Norse. In this hands-on history course, students will prepare and eat a variety of foods commonly consumed by the people who set forth for lands unknown. Many of the ingredients are familiar in the foods of much more recent Scandinavian immigrants to North America; sausage, bread, and fish have all filled bellies and consequently powered boats through the ensuing centuries. Discover history through your stomach in this unusual and fun course.

Daniel Serra is a Featured International Guest Instructor, brought to North House in partnership with The Viking Connection ( As part of his time on campus, he will be demonstrating and speaking during the Unplugged Festival Weekend.

Currently Scheduled Sessions

No sessions currently scheduled for this course.