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Woodworking & Furniturecraft

Wanigan: The Traveling Box

Course Overview

Essentially a highly functional lightweight wooden box, the wanigan is a fine seat in the tent while stowing your adventure gear. Though the word wanigan is derived from the Ojibwe term “wanikkan,” meaning a man-made storage hole, your wanigan will be far more elegant than a simple hole. Crafted of cedar and pine and finished with bronze-ribbed boat nails, this will be a prized addition to the traveling kit of any winter camper, urban adventurer, or on-the-move carpenter. Students will customize their wanigans to fit their toboggans and/or adjust the design for other purposes. The finished wanigan will measure roughly 28” long and 12” wide, though some variation is possible.

Currently Scheduled Sessions

No sessions currently scheduled for this course.

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