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Whole Grain Bakery

Course Overview

Expand your baking horizon by learning to craft tasty whole grain breads using soakers and pre-ferments to coax the most flavor and nutrition from the grain. Students will create whole grain wheat and rye breads, some supplemented by seeds and grains for extra texture, flavor, and health. The focus of at least one recipe will be how to bake with sprouted grain flour -- a naturally sweet, nutritious, and easily digestible alternative to standard whole grain flour. Breads will be baked in North House's harbor side wood-fired oven and the teaching kitchen ovens. Information will be included about creating a hearth oven baking experience in your own home oven. Participants will go home with bread, recipes, one wild yeast culture, and the knowledge to bake these breads with confidence. Open to beginning and intermediate bakers, this course requires the ability to stand for periods of time, to knead dough by hand, and to walk to and from the teaching kitchen and the outdoor wood-fired oven.

Currently Scheduled Sessions

No sessions currently scheduled for this course.

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