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Winter Medicine Webinar: Citrus and Trees

Course Overview

Winter and spring offer unique opportunities for connecting with the medicine of plants inside and outside our homes.  In this two-session workshop, Monarda will lead participants in how to use the magick and abundance of these seasons to make wild, tasty teas, nourishing spring salad, and several tantalizing uses for citrus! This course introduces participants to ethical wildcrafting of herbs to use for tea and food in these seasons: apple, conifer, roots, and tender greens.  With the wintertime abundance of lemons and oranges comes the opportunity to preserve this goodness in honey, as crystalized zest, and salt, as preserved lemons. Participants will learn to identify herbs, how to harvest and prepare them, as well as a collection of Monarda’s wintertime recipes. Monarda will present photos to support identification, offer hands-on demos (wild winter tea, chai, preserved lemons, crystalized zest) that you can follow along with from your home.

Currently Scheduled Sessions

No sessions currently scheduled for this course.

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