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You Say Tomatoes...

Course Overview

When the tomatoes start coming, will you be ready for them? Chef Scott Graden of the New Scenic Café is here to make sure you will be. Bright, fruity, sweet, and savory, the pride of our Midwestern gardens will be paired with inspirations and ingredients from across the globe. As the class prepares everything from classic tomato-ey drinks to sauces for your pantry, photo-worthy salads, and mouthwatering main courses, you will be sure to pick up plenty of tips and techniques on coaxing the flavor from these beautiful ingredients. Chef Graden teaches fast paced classes that will help beginning cooks find their confidence and will send experienced cooks right home to the kitchen with plenty of new ideas. Recipes might include a refreshing tomato shrub; fried green tomatoes with masa, mint, almonds, and pecorino romano; a classic tomato tart; or ratatouille lasagna. The course culminates in a shared meal for students and one guest in a harbor-side celebration of learning, community and delicious food. Come prepared to chop, learn, and taste!

Materials includes lunch both days and dinner for two.

Currently Scheduled Sessions

No sessions currently scheduled for this course.

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