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Charles Banks

Litchfield, MN USA

Emerging artist/ woodcarver Charles Banks is a Minnesota-based carver with a passion for the Nordic arts. His area of study for the past twenty years has been Scandinavian Flat Plane figure carving.  A current art educator and lifelong learner, Charles gives his students  hands-on experience including history, influential individuals, a study of individual characters, and character design all culminating in the creation of his student’s own hand-carved characters.  Charles teaches at the John C. Campbell Folk School, The Vesterheim Folk School, and the Milan Village Arts School. His personal message to all students taking classes is,“Thank you for investing in yourself”, “Sloyd time versus screen time” and “Welcome to the Flat Plane Family”!

Current Courses Offered by Charles Banks

Teaser image for Scandinavian Style Flat-Plane Figure Carving

Scandinavian Style Flat-Plane Figure Carving

For the past two and half decades, the doors to the world of Scandinavian-style flat-plane figure…
Fri, Jul 8th, 2022  –  Sun, Jul 10th, 2022
Days 1-2: 9am-4pm; Day 3: 9am- 3pm
Instructor: Charles Banks