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Dani Sanchez

Reno, NV
North House Folk School photo of instructor, Dani Sanchez

Dani was born in the Midwest, though her only memory of her time there was getting hit in the face with a snowball before moving to California, where she grew up. She has lived in several states since then including Vermont, Colorado, and Montana, where she has worked for conservation non-profits and as a Wilderness-EMT. Though she has always had a love for craft, it wasn’t until she spent a winter in Northern Montana producing wooden spoons for a gift shop outside Glacier National Park that she realized she could earn a living as a maker. 

She recently moved from Reno, Nevada where she taught power-carving workshops at the local makerspace, The Reno Generator, where she was also a member of a collective of women makers known as the Design-Build Collective.

Dani is so excited for all there is to learn at North House, especially in regards to woodcraft and boatbuilding, that she is looking forward to getting hit in the face by winter in the Midwest once more.

Past Courses Offered by Dani Sanchez

Cordage Craft!

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