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Gracee Hurley-Brown

North House Folk School photo of instructor, Gracee Hurley-Brown


Gracee accepted the position as a 2024 North House Intern on her 23rd birthday. She was on a walk around a neighborhood in Minneapolis that she had grown to know well. Having graduated college a few months prior, she was patiently awaiting direction. She figured it would come when the time was right. In many facets, Gracee does not know what she is looking for but is certain she will know when she sees it. Moving to Grand Marais was one of these instances. Entering a community of artists and makers (a distinction worthy of conversation) brings about a sense of abundance in warmth and potential. Much of her experience lies within the digital realms of design and video production, though pen and paper are Gracee’s most frequently utilized mediums. Drawn towards color, form, and texture, she anticipates feeling a fondness towards fiber. Perhaps the most exciting part of this program to Gracee is all the humans to be met and connections to be made. She intends to keep an open mind and heart to all that will come her way throughout her time at North House.

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