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Jason Hovatter

Portland, OR
North House Folk School photo of instructor, Jason Hovatter

As far back as he can remember, Jason has been wondering how things worked before our modern age of convenience and forgetfulness.  As he traveled the country via foot and train hopping, he learned various leatherworking skills and apprenticed with a master shoemaker in southern Oregon.  He now runs his own custom shoemaking business, traveling to medieval reenactments across the Western U.S., teaching both period and modern styles, and leaving a growing army of cobblers and cordwainers in his wake.

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Past Courses Offered by Jason Hovatter

Shoemaking: 10th-Century Scandinavian Turn Shoe

Shoemaking: Chukka Boot

Shoemaking: Internal Stitchdown Workboots

Shoemaking: Modern Turn Shoe

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