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John Koon

Pertinent, Related Qualifications, Certifications (currently or previously held, 1978 through present):

  • American Sailing Association (sailing, seamanship, navigation instructor, instructor evaluator)
  • United States Yacht Racing Union (sailing instructor)
  • Celestial and non-instrument navigation instructor (aboard tall ship in ocean service)
  • USCG Merchant Mariners License examination-preparation instructor
  • Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors (marine surveyor associate)
  • Association of Certified Marine Surveyors (accredited marine surveyor)
  • Primarily conducting vessel integrity and spar-rigging condition surveys on USCG inspected vessels
  • Full time, professional yacht and ships rigger, spar builder and repair technician
  • Qualified wood boat builder and composite (F.R.P.) boat repair technician
  • Nationally recognized spar-rigging systems, expert, surveyor, consultant
  • USCG, nationally vetted, mast-rigging surveyor and consultant (since 2006)
  • USCG inspected sail-rigged vessel inspections instructor (course developer) since 2008
  • Co-Developer-Instructor, USCG, C-School, Wood-FRP Vessel Inspections
  • Coauthor to USCG-NVIC-0216 Guidance for sail-Rigged Vessels
  • Contributor to USCG-H1-15, “MSC Guidelines for Review of Rigging Systems for Sailing Vessels”
  • Contributor to Germanischer Lloyd SE, “Guidelines for Maintenance and Inspection of Tall Ship Rigs”

Past Courses Offered by John Koon

Sail-Rigging Dynamics For The Inquisitive Sailor

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