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Julie Kean

Hovland, MN

Julie has been making baskets and ornaments since 1981. She utilizes materials gathered from the woods around her home in Hovland. Her favorite materials are birch bark and red-osier dogwood. In 2001, Julie's artistic talents were featured on the program "Venture North" on public television. At times, Julie integrates other natural materials into her work including pinecones, driftwood, and spruce roots.

Past Courses Offered by Julie Kean

Baskets, Baskets, Baskets: Birch Bark Weaving

Birch Bark Baskets with Woven Lids or Handles

Birch Bark Stars, Birds, and More

Birch Bark Stars, Birds, and More

Birch Bark Tutorial

Birch Bark Wish Basket

Tulip Basket

Two Berry Basket

Two Berry Birch Bark Basket

Weaving Holiday Ornaments From Birch Bark

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