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Libby London

Minneapolis, MN USA
North House Folk School photo of instructor, Libby London

Libby is inspired by the rich pine forests and freshwater lakes in her home state in Minnesota's Great Lakes region. She uses locally grown, foraged plants, and food waste to create dyes and hues that reflect nature through the art and craft of natural dye. The colors she coaxes out of each plant reflect the stunning views of cool deep lakes, bright pink sunsets, rocky palisades, and sun-drenched lakes at dusk in one of the most beautiful and remote places on earth using only natural dye tones.

Libby has a permaculture farming, papermaking, and nonprofit environmental management background. She currently runs a natural dye business called Northern Dyer, where she grows and forages for natural dye plants, teaches workshops, and researches dye plants for her region in Minnesota. She lives in south Minneapolis with her spouse and also works as a staffer for the Campaign to Save the Boundary Waters advocating for Minnesota's great wilderness which is threatened by sulfide-ore copper mining. 

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Past Courses Offered by Libby London

Bundle Dyeing with Locally-Grown Color: Online Course

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