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Robert Schulz

Hillsboro, WI
North House Folk School photo of instructor, Robert Schulz

Robert has been blacksmithing since 1996, focusing on the techniques of traditional joinery and knifemaking.  He is a student of many great smiths including Bill Fiorini, Tom Latane, Peter Ross, Clay Spencer, and specifically with blade smithing, he learned traditional ways under legends Chuck Patrick and Jim Batson.  Robert teaches at various craft schools in the U.S. including North House, John C. Campbell Folk School, and his own New Traditions Homestead.   Along with blacksmithing, Robert and his family are homesteading their off-the-grid SW Wisconsin land, practicing natural building techniques, draft horsepower, alternative energy, and organic agriculture.

Current Courses Offered by Robert Schulz

Teaser image for Hand-Forged

Hand-Forged "Using" Knife

This class is just what the title suggests: making a knife that is meant to be used  in the…
Thu, Jul 18th, 2024  –  Sat, Jul 20th, 2024
9am-5pm each day
Instructor: Robert Schulz

Past Courses Offered by Robert Schulz

Hand-Forged 'Using' Knife

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