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Tina Fung Holder

Washburn, WI
North House Folk School photo of instructor, Tina Fung Holder

Since 1996, Tina has lived and worked in northwest Wisconsin after moving from the urban city life in Chicago. While pursuing her formal education there, Tina did extensive research in basketry techniques at the Field Museum. Since moving to the North Woods she has explored both traditional and new applications of the available natural materials and thinks that anything that grows “flexible” is fair game. Tina enjoys developing new basket designs and teaching them in workshops. Her basketry is sold in galleries in the region and in the North House school store.

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Past Courses Offered by Tina Fung Holder

Basswood Bark Coiled Basketry

Cattail Tote Bag

Cattail Weaving: The Northern Fedora

Finger Weaving

Knotted Cattail Totes

Natural Dyes for Basket Making

Needle Woven Beadwork

Red-Osier Dogwood Frame Basket

Trashformations Basketry

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