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Jim Ricci

St. Paul, MN

Jim Ricci is a jack-of-all-trades with decades of experience in woodworking and construction, who discovered his passion for metalworking right here at CAFAC. Jim attributes his love for craftsmanship in part to his grandfather, whose favorite saying was: “you can learn something new every day of your life.” He also learned many important life lessons during his 38-year career with the military traveling the world; most importantly, we are all human and should always treat one another with dignity and respect. It’s Jim’s mission to share the positive experiences and wisdom he has gained along the journey.

Current Courses Offered by Jim Ricci

Teaser image for Forged Wood Carving Tools

Forged Wood Carving Tools

This course will cover the fundamental forging, grinding and hardening techniques needed to create…
Sat, Sep 7th, 2024  –  Tue, Sep 10th, 2024
9am-5pm each day
Instructors: Lars Mørch, Jim Ricci
Teaser image for Traditional Scandinavian Knife Forging

Traditional Scandinavian Knife Forging

The heart of the knife lies in its blade. This course brings the crafts of blacksmithing and…
Tue, Sep 3rd, 2024  –  Thu, Sep 5th, 2024
9am-5pm each day
Instructors: Lars Mørch, Jim Ricci
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