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John Fleck

Minneapolis, MN
North House Folk School photo of instructor, John Fleck

John grew up in Tennessee going to rendezvous reenactments with his father who was a carpenter and craftsman. From a young age, he dabbled in everything from traditional leatherwork to gunsmithing and knifemaking. He earned money every summer on job sites while learning a bit about various building trades. As an adult, he always managed to maintain some iteration of a home workshop where he would turn out random items of interest. Despite a brief infatuation with power tools, John never outgrew his reverence for handwork and has taken classes at North House to enrich those skills. He has spent the past decade exploring the quieter side of joinery with hand tools as well as spoon carving and greenwood craft. For him this pairs well with a love of the outdoors and self-propelled travel. Aside from time in the shop John enjoys bike/backpacking, camping with his family, and cooking outside.

Past Courses Offered by John Fleck

Build Your Own Shave Horse

Hand Tool Woodworking: Getting Started

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