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Kate Hartman

Madison, WI
Kate first learned to knit in high school. Since then, she has explored a variety of knitting traditions, including both the English/American and Continental knitting techniques, lace knitting, Aran, and the multi-colored Fair Isle and Scandinavian techniques. Kate enjoys making sweaters, socks, mittens, and other garments in a variety of styles and materials, using many of her own wheel-spun yarns. She likes teaching and believes that enjoyment and enthusiasm are necessary as adults learn a new craft. Kate currently resides in Madison, Wisconsin, and has the good fortune of to be married to a knitter/spinner.

Past Courses Offered by Kate Hartman

Beyond Scarves and Dishclothes: Understanding Printed Knitting Directions for Flat Projects

Help Yourself To Knitting: Beginning Knitting Class

Kids Knit!

Knitting in the Round: Understanding and Following Knitting Directions for "In the Round" Projects

Knitting in the Round: Using Circular Needles

Knitting Socks: The Essential Craft

Knitting: Moving Beyond the Basics

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