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Lindy Lind

Potomac, MT
North House Folk School photo of instructor, Lindy Lind

Lindy has a passion for the “old ways” and living close to the land. As a birch bark canoe builder and passionate wilderness enthusiast Lindy is excited to lead birch bark canoe expeditions that combine craft education with traditional wilderness knowledge and equipment. Conservation of wilderness, wild life, and public lands are vital to Lindy’s way of life. His favorite tools are his ax and crooked knife, with which he can make most anything he needs from the bush, hence one of his favorite sayings "all I need to live is my axe, my crooked knife, and the land."

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Past Courses Offered by Lindy Lind

Bushcraft & Survival Skills for Canoe Country

Bushcraft: Summer Season

Carving Folk Toys & Tricks

Carving Paddles the Bushcraft Way: In the Field

Friction Fire Starting: Bushcraft Skill Building

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