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Matt Monaco

North House Folk School photo of instructor, Matt Monaco

Matt Monaco operates a full-time woodturning studio in the Ozark region of Missouri, making dedicated collections, signature series vessels, lidded containers, and spindle-turned items for industries of craft, interior design, and the high-end furniture trade. Matt is a Fine Woodworking Contributor & Ambassador, and is supportive of U.S. craft organizations & environments that carry desire to further integrate woodturning into wider demographics, and wish to see the craft thrive into the future.

As a full-time professional turner with 20-years experience, one of Matt’s missions is to make the highest quality products, that reflect both the mastery of the tools, and the functionality & timeless beauty of wooden decor in others' lives. Matt is one of very few young modern traditional woodturners in America having apprenticed & trained as a trade professional, and has worked closely within a high-end furniture production landscape -- Shackleton Thomas Furniture & Pottery as a full-time maker/item producer.

At center of Matt’s work is his understanding & mastery of tool control, sharpening and cutting execution as an expression of traditionally crafted design as fine art -- in producing forms & items that are made to be as tactile as they are sublime, and created with intent & purpose.

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Past Courses Offered by Matt Monaco

Box Turning Design

Elegant Side Grain Boxes

Turning Fine Detail Platters

Woodturning Fundamentals: Tools of the Trade

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